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Essential Cleaning Supplies for Your Home

Whenever you step outdoors, there is a subsequent increase in the amount of dirt being dragged into your home. Also, visits from family and friends may prompt you to keep your home looking its best. Fortunately, with the right cleaning supplies on hand, you’ll be ready to tackle any challenge thrown your way. Here are the essential four things to stock up for a perfect cleaning kit.

Glass cleaner

Glass cleaner is your best friend to make your windows sparkle inside and out. It’s also perfect for cleaning all other glass surfaces in your home, including mirrors and glass tabletops. Once you’ve sprayed the product over the surface, simply wipe it clean with a rag or a squeegee. Investing in the latter is worth it, as it makes cleaning large surfaces like windows or shower doors much easier.

All-purpose cleaner

Forget trying to store twenty bottles of different cleaning products. Save space and money by using a single all-purpose cleaner. As the name implies, this cleaner works on all different kinds of surfaces. From the kitchen to the bathroom, it’s got you covered. You don’t even have to feel like you’re cutting corners, as it effectively eliminates dirt from all surfaces.


While all-purpose cleaner is sufficient for washing most of your home’s surfaces, some places should be completely decontaminated. That’s where disinfectant comes in. Prevent the spread of germs and bacteria by using it to wipe down toilet seats or kitchen surfaces that may have been exposed to raw meat.

Cloths and rags

Do your part in saving the planet and switch from single-use paper towels to multi-use cloths and rags. Cloths can be purchased new from the store and you can reuse old clothes or towels in order to make your own rags. You can pair different cloths and rags with specific cleaning products, so that there’s no cross-contamination.

Where to buy janitorial supplies

Are you ready to stock up on quality cleaning products? If so, be sure to head over to Northern Metalic Sales. Whether you’re looking to replenish your household cleaning kit or your business’ janitorial supplies, we’ve got what you need. We carry everything from cleaning chemicals to vacuums and are proud to offer a range of environmentally friendly products. Contact us today to learn more or simply stop by our Dawson Creek store.


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